War Widows’ Words: ‘In My Breast Pocket’ Poetry Exercise

This exercise is part of the War Widows’ Quilt, celebrating the lives and stories of war widow
in word and stitch. Is there a poem or song that helps tell a bit of your story? Perhaps you
have written a poem yourself? We are gathering songs and poems to put in breast pockets
as part of the War Widows’ Quilt.

If you are a war widow, or a relative who would like to commemorate a war widow, and you would like to participate in this or our other exercises for the War Widows’ Quilt, please read this information sheet first, so you know exactly what the project is about, who we are, and what will happen to your contribution.

You can also download the exercise instructions as a PDF file here

1. Write a line in response to the questions below. Try to make each answer the same length, and maybe even try to make them rhyme.

  1. Write a line from a song that was
    important to you and your husband.
  2. Where and when did you first hear it?
  3. Why is it significant to you?
  4. What message do you take from this song that helps you go onward into the future?
  5. For help with the poem, Philip can be reached at the contact details below.

Your poem can be handwritten or typed up and placed in the pocket.

2. We would like you to select a line or a few words from your poem that can be stitched onto the outside of the pocket. This can be stitched by you, a volunteer (like
family member or a friend), or Lois.

The fabric measures 15.5cm x 19.5cm (incl. seams) and its size is based on ‘Basildon Bond’ writing paper. You can use your own fabric, or Lois can provide you with one. If you would like us to send you a selection of materials, all you need to do is get in touch with our artist, Lois Blackburn (arthur+martha), via email at arthur.martha@me.com and discuss your preferences. Lois will then post you the fabric, thread, and pens.

When returning the pocket and the poem, please think about whether you would like the contents of your pocket to remain a secret or whether you would like people to read them. Depending on your choice, the pocket can be sewn shut or left open.

Complete the forms provided and send them back to us alongside your return pocket and poem. You will need to send a signed Arts Consent Form which tells us that we have permission to use your creation before Lois can add your work to the quilt.

Any questions?
Please contact Lois and Phil by email (arthur.martha@me.com)

The War Widows’ Quilt. Part of War Widows’ Stories.

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