The War Widows Quilt

The War Widows Quilt is a beautiful, moving, and challenging piece of collaborative art that expresses the realities of war widowhood in Britain, past and present. Made from second-hand armed forces shirts by more over ninety war widows and their families, its squares tell stories of love, loss, grief, and survival that connect women across generations, from the Second World War to the Falklands, Iraq, and peacetime. Our exhibition book allows you to explore the quilt and each of its patches and stories, as well as the creative, historical, and academic work that inspired it, and to find out about the lives of the women we have interviewed to date. To download the first edition of the exhibition book, please click on the cover below.

A second, expanded edition of the exhibition book will be published on 24 June 2023. We will make a digital copy of this new edition available here as soon as possible thereafter, and we will make copies available for purchase in due course. Please check back here or contact us if you wish to purchase a copy.


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